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Three Big Pains on the Road for Truckers

Posted on November 19th, 2015

Biggest Pains for Truckers

Every trucker has something they wish could be gone forever to make their driving easier. Whether its traffic, low-hanging bridges, or simply road conditions, we have three things truckers say are their pains on the road.

Endless Repairs on the Road

As a trucker, you’re going to drive in and out of cities, and very often you’ll be travelling to areas that are under repairs or construction. On average, a small road repair will take one to two months to plan, execute, and complete, while large projects may take years to finish. While we all appreciate the city creating better road conditions for drivers, it creates significant delays from increased traffic in those areas for months on end. As a result, make sure to have a trucking GPS app installed on your smartphone, so you can map out alternative routes in real time. Here are some of our favorites: SmartTruckRoute, Truck GPS Navigation, and CoPilot Truck.

Delays from Shippers and Receivers

You’ve just arrived at your shipper’s warehouse to pick up cargo to start your day. What you were expecting to take 30 minutes is now taking close to three hours. As a result, you not only rush to get the shipments to their locations on schedule but are sometimes not paid detention time by the shipper, broker, or receiver. As there are currently no regulations mandating shippers to pay for the time lost, although GROW AMERICA Act is currently in the legislative process, truckers lose out on pay as your on-duty time is spent waiting rather than driving. When this happens, keep your dispatcher updated if you drive for a company. Make sure to accurately document when you got to the location, how long the delay was, the time they started loading, and when you finished loading and left the facility.

Finding the Right Place to Park Overnight

You’ve probably experienced this many times, because let’s be honest, the parking situation hasn’t magically been fixed. With limited parking spots available for truckers at truck stops, drivers are forced to find alternatives such as empty parking lots in abandoned plazas or grocery stores. Although abandoned lots don’t seem like a bad alternative at first, robbery is common in those areas, especially places that aren’t surrounded by operating businesses. At the same time, grocery stores may not be the best alternative either – depending on the business, some won’t allow truckers to park in their lot, while others will. Look specifically for Wal-Marts in the area. They are commonly trucker-friendly and often let you park in their lots overnight. Otherwise, you may need to find other truck friendly parking spaces with apps such as MyPilot.


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