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The Home Stretch: Day 5 in El Salvador

Posted on April 28th, 2017

Thursday was an enjoyable day for the team in El Salvador. It started with a Living Water devotional focused on generosity and was followed by a hardy breakfast. After breakfast, the team was fueled up and ready to get to work!

Minimal work remained Thursday after the team achieved significant productivity Wednesday. Thursday’s priority was to conduct a water capacity test, a new quality standard implemented by Living Water within the last year. To perform this test, the team dropped an electric pump, connected to PVC pipe, into the well. The pump is turned on for four hours and measures the water volume to insure that there is enough water in the well to sustain the demand of the village. Our Triumph team is happy to report that the water well passed the test and will adequately meet the demands of Canton Cerco de Piedra!

The drilling team installs the pump.


The team prepares for the water capacity check.


After the water capacity test, women in the village made the team potato soup and fresh hen legs, gifted from the gracious hosts in the village. Following lunch, the hygiene team began making salvation bracelets with the kids, had arts and crafts activities, and completed the day with a singing competition!

Tya teaches a hygiene lesson.


The kids color in their plates during an activity.


Fanny, Shannon and Sandy prepare for the hygiene lesson with a boy from the village.


The kids inflate balloons.

The final step for the drill team was to install the hand pump on the well. After installation, the team tidied-up around the drill site in preparation for Friday’s dedication ceremony, which everyone in the village will attend.

Enrique installs the hand pump for the well.

The remainder of the day was spent with the people in the village: children from the hygiene classes, men that helped on the drill site, and families from the community. “It’s amazing to become friends with people who cannot understand you,” Triumph team member Jay said.

Kids gather around Luke to see his phone.


Sandy holds a baby.

Hospitality and love flow abundantly in El Salvador! This is our final blog post for the week, but we will follow up with a summary post from our team when they return from El Salvador. Friday is an emotional day for the team with the well dedication ceremony and goodbyes. Saturday, the team will return to their homes in Colorado, Illinois and Texas, but the memories from this experience will last for years to come.