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Team 7 Arrives in El Salvador

Posted on March 25th, 2019

For the 7th consecutive year, TBK Bank has sent a group of 12 team members to El Salvador with Living Water International to bring clean water to a community in need. The team arrived safely in El Salvador on Sunday afternoon! Members of this years’ team traveled from the Quad Cities, Denver, Dallas and El Paso, coming together  for the first time at the airport in Houston en route to El Salvador.

Wearing their Living Water t-shirts, one of the team members was stopped by a gentleman in the Houston airport. The man had once lived in a community where a Living Water team had served many years ago. He shared with the team how deeply his village had been impacted by the well after gaining access to clean water. He talked to the team and explained how truly life-giving the trip is to the people they were going to serve.

Upon arrival in El Salvador, the team stopped for a quick lunch before driving the 90 miles to their team house. The TBK Bank team is sharing a house with a team from Chick-fil-A. After settling in, the team spent the rest of the evening preparing their minds and hearts for the week ahead.

Check back tomorrow for more updates on the team’s progress.

Team #7 at the airport together in Houston

The team posing outside the airport in San Salvador