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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get set-up to finance business with Triumph Premium Finance?

Simply contact us via phone or through our website. The process is easy and usually completed the same day to allow you to start financing with Triumph Premium Finance.

How do I get a quote for financing?

Quotes may be obtained through the phone, email or fax. Our online quoting is the quickest and easiest method and preferring by most of our clients.

How do I submit a finance contract?

Finance agreements can be submitted by email, fax or electronic submission.

What payment methods can my insured use to make their installments?

We offer various repayment methods including check by mail, check by fax, check by email, ACH debit, and credit card.

How will I receive funds?

We offer various options to make it convenient for your agency such as check, wire or ACH funding directly into your account.

What payment plan options are available?

Triumph Premium Finance offers a variety of options such as monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly or semi-annual. We are always willing to customize a plan to meet the needs of the insured.

Can I view account information and make payments on-line?

Yes, this is available for both agents and insureds.

Why should I choose Triumph Premium Finance over another premium finance company?

Simple, our commitment of service to you and your insureds. It's why our company was founded and what distinguishes us from all other competitors. We all have the bells and whistles, how we do it makes the difference.

How will my insureds benefit from premium financing?

It allows them to better manage their insurance expense, making it more affordable. Paying in installments allows them to use their cash flow for other needs without using lines of credit or borrowing methods. Besides, our interest rates are usually better than traditional lending lines.

How do I benefit from premium financing?

Premium financing makes insurance more affordable for your insured, thus relieving the resistance to purchase the coverage they need. By offering them an installment option other than direct bill or agency bill, you maintain control of your insured's accounts and alleviate your agency of additional work while getting your commissions in full at the beginning of the policy.

What type of policies do you finance?

We offer financing for all types of property and casualty insurance policies.