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Focused on Agents and Their Insureds

At Triumph Premium Finance, we understand your need as an independent insurance agent to offer your clients every option available for the acquisition of property and casualty insurance coverage. Through premium financing, we partner with independent insurance agents and their insureds to make insurance coverage attainable.

Our goal is to provide value to independent insurance agents and their insureds. We offer exceptional customer service, easy to use online tools, and flexible rates and terms to help agents grow their business. Our short-term premium finance loans allow insureds to pay their insurance premiums over the life of the policy, instead of paying the entire premium at the outset.

In a market with many options, Triumph stands out from the crowd with our superior customer service. We are focused on offering independent insurance agents and their clients the best customer service possible. When combined with our customized insurance solutions and easy to use online policy management tools, we make the process of financing insurance premiums simple.

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