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Tinting Your Windows. The Good, the Bad, and the Law.

Posted on June 1st, 2016

Trucker driving

Window tinting has been a modification drivers have sought to help keep their cabins cool and protected from UV rays.  Before putting it on your rig, be aware that commercial motorized vehicles do not follow the same laws as passenger cars.  For a car, unique state laws define what you can or can’t tint. However, trucks abide by a set of federal laws, defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, instead.

According to § 393.60, coloring or tinting of windshields and the windows to the immediate right and left of the driver is allowed, provided the parallel luminous transmittance through the colored or tinted glazing is not less than 70 percent of the light at normal incidence and is accurately marked. This means, your tint must let 70 percent of light through compared to clear factory glass.

Still, check with your carrier or take a reading with a tint meter before applying extra tint as many windows will come with pre-applied tint. Other windows are not restricted by this law.

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