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6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Christmas Holiday

Posted on December 13th, 2016

6 Steps to Decorating Your Home

1. Decorate with bows

The simplest yet most cost-effective way to fill your home with the holiday spirit is handcrafted bows. Not only do bows look festive, but ribbons you choose could tie in with the rest of your decorations.

Place your bows on candlesticks, plants, wreaths, garlands, basket handles, stair railings, doorknobs, chair backs, and, of course, the Christmas tree.

How to Make a Classic Bow (Better Homes and Gardens):

6-steps-decorating-bow1 Make two loops in the ribbon. Form the left loop first. Make sure the tails of the ribbon are in back and that the slack between the two loops points toward you.

Pick a two-sided satin ribbon for this bow. Avoid ribbons with wire edges, which are more difficult to manipulate.



6-steps-decorating-bow2Cross the left loop over the right loop.







6-steps-decorating-bow3Continue wrapping the left loop over and behind the right loop. Pull it through the opening created in the slack area, and form a loose knot.





6-steps-decorating-bow4Adjust the loops and tails, then pull the loops to tighten the knot. Trim tails on an angle.






Find out how to make other bows.

2. Use holiday tableware

Before buying new tableware, look through the cupboards and cabinets for things you may have stored from the previous year. Think plates, cups, bowls, utensils, serving plates, or napkins and use those that look festive or match your other dining room decorations.

If you end up empty-handed, you’ll need to do some Christmas shopping for yourself. Start by purchasing a set of holiday dishes with dinner plates that could be used interchangeably with your everyday dishes. Then, look for cups or mugs that coordinate with your new plates.

To help save money, only buy one or two types of tableware each year. Discount stores often carry fun holiday designs that are not common and very affordable. Soon, you’ll have an entire collection to serve your Christmas feast on.

3. Hang holiday wreaths

Wreaths have a significant meaning during the holiday season. Its circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end. They are commonly made from pine, holly, or grapevine and can be decorated with bows, berries, fruits, ornaments, and other festive decorations.

The best place to place your wreaths are on your front door to welcome guests, on bedroom doors, over the mantle, and on most (if not all) front window panes.

4. Use more candles

Lit candles provide a warm holiday environment by lighting the room with soft orange hues.  Many candles are also scented and can create amazing scents like warm vanilla, spiced plum, sweet mint, and fresh cypress.

Arrange candles on the dining table, in your bathroom, or on the window sill. Even if they are not lit, your house will look festive and have an encompassing soft aroma from top to bottom.

5. Add shine and sparkles

When decorating for the holiday, be sure to choose items with gloss as the bright surface compliments your Christmas lights, wreaths, and ribbons. You can place shiny ornaments in a clear glass bowl or case to set on tabletops or place them on indoor plants to make your space merrier.

As an alternative, find items that are gold or silver colored. The natural glossiness of gold and silver create the same effect as a factory-made shine.

6. The magic of music

Tie sleigh bells onto the front door and back door, and listen to the soft jingle as you welcome guests. Be sure to use small bells – you want guests to be jolly as they enter not startled.

Whether you’re home alone or with visitors, turn on the radio or plug in your phone to listen to Christmas music. Simply hearing songs that we all have known since our childhood will raise our spirit and prepare your home for the perfect Christmas holiday.

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