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Making Money Special

Posted on February 19th, 2016 | By John DeDoncker

If someone had told me as a kid that someday people would pay money to buy bottles of water, I would have laughed. Why would anyone pay for something that I could get from our kitchen sink or the backyard hose? Flash forward forty-plus years and not a meeting goes by without someone drinking bottled water. And, it’s not generic water being consumed; from the labels I see, the water comes all the way from Fiji, the Springs of Poland (I didn’t know Poland had springs), the French Alps (both the fizzy and non-fizzy areas) and even from the Aquafina (which I can’t find on a map). If I have forgotten my One-A-Day (okay, Centrum Silver) there’s VitaminWater. Should I be feeling a little dopey, there’s Smart Water. If sleepy, there’s now even caffeinated water (and I don’t mean coffee).

Money is fungible. So what does all this water talk have to do with banking? As I tell new Triumph Community Bank team members during orientation sessions: Money is fungible. The twenty dollar bill in my wallet looks strangely similar to the twenty dollar bills passed out at larger national banks, credit unions, payday lenders and even pawn shops. My twenty probably even resembles the crisp twenty that you might have found in a birthday card from your Aunt Olive. All financial institutions are buying, holding or selling this identical product called “money.” Some money exists in identical looking bills and coins that get passed around daily, while some get saved in mason jars and piggy banks. Most money exists in computers, and now even on smart phones. Like my water examples above, why customers want to buy or sell money with us has everything to do with how we market Triumph Community Bank and otherwise differentiate an otherwise totally generic, fungible commodity.

It Starts with You. As I tell our new team members, “the biggest difference between Triumph Community Bank’s twenties and our competitors’ twenties comes down to you.” When dealing with financial matters, people still like to deal with people. From the “welcome” when walking through Triumph’s doors to a smile, introduction and handshake, our money becomes different from other banks’ money by the immediate importance and respect that we place upon our customers. Who is the most important employee at Triumph? The one solving our customers’ financial needs at any given moment of the day!

Problem Solving. There’s the old saying that “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.” Triumph’s ability to solve problems also differentiates us from the larger national banks. The true test of customer service does not occur when things go right. It happens when things go wrong… and it’s inevitable that things will, from time-to-time, go wrong. Being a community bank means that we know our customers and we own their problems when presented to us (especially if we made a mistake). Does anyone feel better about a business when they blame another department for creating a problem? Does talking with a representative in a far away country after being placed on hold make anyone feel good? Within Triumph, we make our money unique when we personally acknowledge a problem, own it and fix it in a timely fashion. That makes our Jackson’s, Grant’s and Franklin’s (okay, Washington’s, Jefferson’s and Lincoln’s too) feel special.

Toasters Rock. We make our product offerings extra special by thanking new customers with an awesome gift and $25 to help pay for new checks (those things that people over 35 use). We also give gifts to existing customers who refer new checking accounts to us. Whether this month’s Coleman cooler, next month’s lantern or the great crock pots from this past December, opening an account at Triumph Community Bank means getting great banking products and services AND a free gift (although strangely, we have never given away toasters).

Loving our Communities. Our money becomes even more special when our customers see that we care for our communities and the people within them. To be a part of the community, one has to be in the community. At Triumph, we walk-the-talk. From countless hours volunteered to charitable causes, to dollars raised, to promotion of community economic development, we give back. “Community” after all is our middle name. When we help put money back into good causes, once again, our dollars start looking more special. I’m very proud to be a part of an organization that cares.

Just like water, on the surface, money seems to be the same; every twenty dollar bill that you encounter holds the same $20 value. At Triumph, we differentiate ourselves because we’re on a mission to make your life easier – from small, everyday things to big, once-in-a-lifetime moments. We’re committed to the people and businesses that make our local community strong. Why? Because, Triumph Community Bank is here for life.