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Day 5: A Final Day with the Kids

Posted on March 29th, 2019

Yesterday morning the team made their way back to the school one last time to pack up their things and say goodbye to students and community members. To end their time together, there was dancing and singing along with many tears shed by both students and TBK Bank team members. The team was sad to leave and the students were sad to see them go. The assistant principal of the school said it best, “Your faces will always be in their hearts and they will think of you always,” Each team member had a child they had grown attached to throughout the week and were all impacted by the love and affection shown throughout their stay.

Following an emotional goodbye, the TBK Bank team was able to spend one last recess with the kids filled with more jump rope, basketball, and fun. As the day came to an end, the team headed back to the Living Water house where they had pupusas for dinner, a traditional Salvadoran dish that has been a team favorite for many years.

Tomorrow is a travel day for the TBK Bank team, and there will be no blog post. Check back later for a trip overview, reflections from the team and more photos!

      The team loads up in the Living Water van for their final trip to the school

Men from the TBK Bank and Living Water team dance in the final performance for the students

Max, Jay, George and Gabe play a game similar to musical chairs. When the music stops, the kids grab onto the nearest adult and quickly lift their feet off the ground!

The TBK Bank team (in red shirts) with students, teachers, and members from the community present this week

Students swarmed the TBK Team with hugs and thank yous after they had performed a farewell song and dance

George, Gabe and Megan play basketball with the kids

George, from a Pueblo branch, lifts up a child to let her score a basket