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Day 4: Finding Fresh Water and A Celebration of Life

Posted on April 26th, 2018

After hitting water Tuesday, our TBK Bank team showed up Wednesday morning ready to drill a bit further to ensure that they had reached a plentiful water supply. The team was unable to drill into the next level of rock, but it was determined this well location was still viable. The team spent yesterday putting PVC piping in place within the hole for the well. When debris is cleared from the piping, a geyser of water shoots up from the ground! Everyone in the immediate vicinity got soaked, and kids and members of the community came out to play in the clear, clean water! In many ways, this big gush of water was a relief for the staff and the team members that have spent so much time and energy on the well. It was a celebration for all!

Jacqueline cleans mud from the pipes as it come up out of the ground

The drilling team getting soaked as the geyser begins

The TBK Team joins under the geyser to celebrate clean water

Marvin (Living Water Staff) poses in the water with a child from the community

While the drilling team was getting piping in place and preparing to lay the concrete foundation, the hygiene team taught on oral hygiene and nutrition. The team demonstrated proper teeth-brushing and flossing and gave out toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss. Their lesson concluded with a discussion about proper nutrition and identifying healthy fruits and vegetables.

The hygiene team had a unique experience when they were invited to help make homemade tamales and tortillas with members of the community. A family in the community lost a loved one nine days ago. In keeping with their tradition, a “Celebration of Life” gathering is held on the ninth day, which our team members were invited to help prepare for by making Salvadoran food. Here’s to hoping the team shares their new cooking skills with the rest of us when they return!

Stephany learns how to wrap tamales

Randi plays with a child after the daily hygiene lesson

We will have one more daily trip update for you tomorrow!