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Day 4: A Different Perspective

Posted on March 28th, 2019

On Wednesday, the TBK Bank team showed up to the school eager to make progress drilling at the new site. While the drilling team went to work, the hygiene team taught three lessons including dental hygiene (brushing and flossing), personal hygiene, and the food groups. They also shared the bible story in which Jesus goes fishing with Simon Peter. In the story, Jesus tells Simon Peter to cast his net to the other side of the boat. He then catches so many fish that the net begins to tear. The students decorated their own fish as a reminder of the story.

After the lessons and crafts, the TBK Bank team played games and activities with the students. Using the donations made by the TBK Bank team members back home, the team brought three suitcases overflowing with arts and crafts supplies, outdoor games, and toys for the students. Sydney, from the El Paso office, flew a kite for her first time. She then taught the students how to fly the kite as well. Erika and Megan, from the Dallas office, jumped rope and played basketball, while Linda, from the East Moline branch, scored a run in a game of baseball.

After a long day, the drill team reached a depth of 300 feet and still did not find water. After much deliberation, the Living Water staff had to make a difficult call. They believed there is no viable water source to be found at the school, and so the TBK Bank team discontinued drilling.

The community will continue to have some access to clean water from a tanker truck that makes deliveries two to three times per month. These deliveries are expensive, costing the community $150 each month. The well would relieve the school of this financial burden. The team will return to the school Thursday to let the community know that, while they did their best, there is no water to be found at their elevation.

The disappointment of not completing the well, contrasted with the joy of teaching and playing with students, made the team end their day with a fresh perspective. “While a major goal of this trip is to drill a well,” said Erika, from the Dallas office, “our team has been able to positively impact the students and parents of the community in other ways. They learned valuable hygiene lessons that will help keep them healthy. The kids found joy playing with the members of our team. We have loved every opportunity that we have had while in this community. Ultimately, it’s about the relationships we are building and the love of God that we are showing.”


Megan, from the Dallas office, helps the students during craft time

Erika, from the Dallas office, jumps rope

Sydney, from the El Paso office, flies a kite for the first time while students watch or participate in other activities

Linda, from the East Moline branch, and Megan, from the Dallas office, teach students about hygiene

A group of boys fly and chasing their new kite