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Day 3: The Team Hits Water

Posted on April 25th, 2018

Tuesday proved to be a successful day for both the drilling and hygiene teams. After drilling another 20 feet during the day, the team hit water! The team plans to continue drilling a few more feet to make sure they are in an area with plentiful water supply. Once the team gets the piping in place for the well, the Living Water staff has assured everyone that the air they use to clear the pipes will cause a big geyser… which everyone is very excited about!

Sheri manning the drill with a splash of mud and a smile

The hygiene team spent the day doing crafts and teaching more about the spread of germs and the importance of keeping both food and water covered. Having access to clean water is a great thing, but it’s also important to teach community members how to properly use water in a way that is safe and clean. The hygiene team finished the day with balloons, sword fights, and all kinds of group fun. The mothers in the village even joined for the activity and were able to build relationships with our team.

Kenia using a bucket with lid to talk about the importance of keeping water covered

“Today was fun because the women and children have warmed up to us and have been more interactive with our team,” Sandy said.

Sandy posing with a child, proudly showing off his new beaded lizard

Kids from the village pray during their daily Bible lesson

Kenyon takes a break from drilling to socialize with the kids

We will be back tomorrow with another update for you!