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Day 3: Holding on to Hope

Posted on March 27th, 2019

The team began Tuesday feeling hopeful and comfortable in their roles on the drill and hygiene teams. Gabe, from the Dallas office, said, “The group has a good routine. We’ve figured out how to anticipate when another team member needs a break so someone else can step to keep our progress moving forward.”

After drilling more than 200 feet Monday, the team drilled an additional 300 feet Tuesday. Unfortunately, they did not strike water. The Living Water staff made plans to work through the night at an alternative site hoping to have greater success.

While the drill team was hard at work, the hygiene team spent the day getting to know students, and some parents. Linda, from the East Moline branch, had the opportunity to comfort a little boy who didn’t want to be at school that day. The hygiene team performed a skit and shared a Bible story, which were well-received with great participation, clapping, and even dancing from the students!

Following the skit and hygiene lesson, the students wrote prayer requests on construction paper. Several students wrote prayers for the team to find water and for the well to be successful.

At the end of the day, the team was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, they were disappointed to have drilled so far without finding water and the uncertainty about their ability to hit water. On the other hand, they were all glad for the chance to try again. They are hopeful for an outcome that will benefit the students they’ve come to love.

Jay, from the Buena Vista branch, reminded the team that, “Everything happens in God’s timing. Whether or not we hit water this week, the TBK Team is bringing hope and encouragement to the school and community members.”

Please join the students and team in prayer that the new drill site will produce a successful well!

Prayer requests from the students about finding water

Chad, from a Durango branch, plays limbo with the students at the school. You can see some of the boys leaning back as they watch him!

Linda from the East Moline branch with a group of students from the school (one of them is wearing her sunglasses!)

Lorena, from the El Paso office, with some girls from the school. In the background you can see where the team had been drilling

Katherine, from a Durango branch, talks to some students in between the hygiene team’s lessons