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Day 2: Arriving at the Worksite

Posted on March 26th, 2019

Yesterday marked the first official work day for the TBK Bank team in El Salvador. The team began their day with a devotion and team time with the Chick-fil-A group before departing to their two worksites. Members of the TBK Bank team even led worship with guitar and bongo drums.

The team was eager to make it to the worksite and begin progress to bring a clean water source to a school, about an hour drive from the team house. As the TBK Bank team arrived at the school, they were welcomed by 90 enthusiastic children! Megan from the Dallas office appreciated this warm welcome from the students saying, “They went above and beyond. I was super impressed, especially with the young kids and their prayers and performance.”

This school has been requesting a well for five years, but Living Water has been hesitant to attempt to drill a water well at their location due to high elevation. Recently, a Salvadorian village with similar elevation, had success with a well which gave Living Water the confidence to try for a well at the school where the TBK Bank Team was assigned. Currently, the school uses the water service from a nearby community, but there is only a small amount of water served every two days.

After being welcomed, the team split into two groups for the day – the drill team and the hygiene team. The drill team is led by Living Water staff members Marvin and Reuben. They gave members of the drill team a safety lesson and demonstration and let each member of the drill team run the drill. At this time, they are drilling for depth, attempting to locate water hundreds of feet below the ground. By the end of the day Monday, the drill team made it a total of 208 feet. Due to the elevation, Living Water is unsure of the depth of the water table where they will hit water. The team has asked for prayers that they hit water on Tuesday to stay on schedule.

Max from the Dallas office said he felt like Ben Affleck in Armageddon while drilling. Chad, from a Durango branch, ended the day with a dirt tan caused by the dust kicked up during drilling.

While the drill team was hard at work, the hygiene team prepared lessons for today’s activities. Today, the TBK Bank team will perform a skit and give a hygiene lesson for the children. Sydney from the Santa Teresa office is especially excited for her roles in the skit tomorrow where she will be curtain holder #2, a disciple, a fly, a cat and a dog. Sydney also served at the photographer on the day 1.

Check back with us tomorrow to see if the team hit water today and how the skit goes!


 Ninety students from the school were ready and excited to welcome our team to the community!

The Hygiene Team preparing for their skit tomorrow with a student from the school

The Drill team gathered around the drill site to learn from Marvin and Reuben

Monday’s drill team after a long, hard day at work