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Recent Updates

A Trip Overview from Building Well #8

In mid-march, twelve members of the Triumph team returned from the eighth annual trip to El Salvador through Living Water International. Below, each member of the team has shared a…


The Power of And

FELLOW STAKEHOLDERS, Our theme this year is The Power of &. Triumph is a bank… but we are far more than just a bank. That’s the “&” in our story.…


Day 5: Serving Others Well

Thursday was the team’s final day to visit the well site. The Living Water staff team applied the finishing touches in assembling the pump and flushing out the bleach that…


Our Philanthropy

Day 2: First Day of Work with a Fish and a Frog

April 24, 2018 Read More

The TBK Bank team in El Salvador got off to a great start during their first day in Santiago Nonualco! They began with a tour of the community on which the team explored the area they will be serving for the week. They learned the well they are digging is expected to serve over 200 people! Following the tour, the team went right to work digging the well and teaching hygiene lessons. Early in the day, the drill team was forced to stop drilling because the soil was too soft. They worked with Living Water staff to make a mixture of bentonite and water to help solidify the soil around the well which allowed them to continue. By the end of the day, team made it to a depth of 40 feet. TBK Bank’s past wells range anywhere from 100 to 200 feet deep, so this is great progress. While the team did not hit water on Monday, they were able to complete their work feeling optimistic about the progress they made. Monday’s drilling team…

Our Philanthropy

Day 1: Safe Travels to El Salvador

April 23, 2018 Read More

This year marks the 6th consecutive year that Triumph has sent a group of team members to El Salvador to drill a water well with Living Water International. Our annual trip to El Salvador is near and dear to the heart of this organization for many reasons. Living Water fulfills two of our philanthropic priorities: Establishing Viable Communities and Serving the Less Fortunate. Living Water’s approach combines a source of clean drinking water with education and sanitation to vastly improve the lives of people and communities around the globe. When children do not have access to clean drinking water, waterborne parasites often keep them out of school and steal their focus in the classroom, overall limiting their potential for success. Women who travel far distances each day over steep and rocky terrain are made vulnerable to sexual assault. All members of a community experience the threat of illness and death due to drinking and cooking with contaminated water. When a community is given access to clean drinking water, they are given a fresh start. Their…

Thought Leadership

Just The Right Amount Of Epic

April 2, 2018 Read More

FELLOW STAKEHOLDERS, TBK investors had a very good year in 2017. Our stock price returned over 20% (and has continued to significantly appreciate in early 2018). There are many factors that affect our stock price, but the only one that we can control is our execution of the business plan. To that end, we did many things right and a few things wrong last year. Overall, it was a very strong performance. We have put ourselves on a favorable trajectory for 2018 and beyond. Our future is bright! The first quarter was noisy... We did some things really well in the first quarter of 2017, but those good results were clouded by a couple of issues. Those included a spike in chargeoffs in our healthcare asset based lending business (which we have now exited) and related to three loans inherited via the acquisition of Colorado East Bank & Trust. In any M&A deal, there are a few surprises. The leadership team at TBK has completed several M&A deals — both as part of our current…

Our Philanthropy

A Trip Overview from Building Well #5

May 19, 2017 Read More Three weeks have passed since Triumph's team of 12 returned from building their well with Living Water International in El Salvador, but great memories and strong friendships remain. The team was faced with disappointment when the first well that they drilled could not provide enough water pressure to pump water. When they realized that they needed to move the well site, the team rallied together. They worked overtime in the heat to ensure that the 450 residents of Cerco de Piedra would have a completed clean water before the end of the week. When we asked the team to reflect on their time in El Salvador, a few common themes emerged: thankfulness, a change in perspective and a life changing experience. Christine | Triumph Business Capital “Once again, it is difficult to adequately put into words an experience like this. The trip was beyond rewarding in every way. Finding water for Canton Cerco de Piedra and knowing that well will sustain them for a lifetime is an unbelievable feeling! I loved every minute of being in the village with the…

Our Philanthropy

The Home Stretch: Day 5 in El Salvador

April 28, 2017 Read More

Thursday was an enjoyable day for the team in El Salvador. It started with a Living Water devotional focused on generosity and was followed by a hardy breakfast. After breakfast, the team was fueled up and ready to get to work! Minimal work remained Thursday after the team achieved significant productivity Wednesday. Thursday’s priority was to conduct a water capacity test, a new quality standard implemented by Living Water within the last year. To perform this test, the team dropped an electric pump, connected to PVC pipe, into the well. The pump is turned on for four hours and measures the water volume to insure that there is enough water in the well to sustain the demand of the village. Our Triumph team is happy to report that the water well passed the test and will adequately meet the demands of Canton Cerco de Piedra! After the water capacity test, women in the village made the team potato soup and fresh hen legs, gifted from the gracious hosts in the village. Following lunch, the hygiene team began…

Our Philanthropy

A Day Can Make All the Difference: Day 4 in El Salvador

April 27, 2017 Read More

Yesterday we shared that the Triumph team was fighting off feelings of disappointment when their original well placement, including two days’ worth of drilling, was lost due to unexpected issues with water pressure. Today, we are pleased to report that the team was able to make up lost time and is well on its way to providing clean water for the people of Cerco de Piedra! The Triumph team relocated the drill and equipment 100 yards away from the original location and immediately began drilling a new well in search of improved water pressure. Stable water pressure is essential to provide a sufficient water source for the community. It took 12 hours of work and 36 meters (120 feet) of drilling, but the team came together to make it happen. The water pressure at the new location turned out to be perfect. The hygiene team spent the day teaching the children how to properly brush their teeth and read the miracle of Jesus walking on water. When lessons were complete, they joined the kids to play…

Our Philanthropy

Oh How the ‘Water Tables’ Have Turned: Day 3 in El Salvador

April 26, 2017 Read More

After a successful first day of drilling, day two started off equally well for the Triumph team. The morning devotional focused on unity, teamwork and compassion, all of which have been visible in this group since the beginning of the trip. It wasn’t until later in the day that this would prove to be a beneficial lesson. The team stopped at a quarry to pick up gravel and headed off to the drill site to prepare for day two. While the drill team was hard at work, the hygiene team delivered a lesson onhow bacteria can travel on flies. They also acted out the Parable of the Lost Sheep. The team enjoyed playing games with the children in the village, and the girls even painted each other’s nails! After a day and a half of smooth sailing, circumstances took a turn. The water pressure in the well became inconsistent. The pressure underground is crucial to making the well effective. Living Water staff members, Armando and Enrique, made the decision to cautiously continue drilling deeper in hopes…

Our Philanthropy

Warm Welcomes (and Full Bellies): Day Two 2 in El Salvador

April 25, 2017 Read More

The Triumph team is glad to report their first day in Canton Cerco de Piedra was promising! The day was filled with heartfelt greetings, drilling deep enough to strike water, connecting instantly with the people of the village and not only one, but three Salvadorian meals. The team’s first day in the village started with a warm welcome from the people of Cerco de Piedra, which included a prayer for the team. "My favorite part of the day was listening to the welcoming prayer,” Triumph team member Jeisy said. “The woman who delivered the prayer expressed sincere joy for everything they have, and it really put things in perspective for me." After the prayer, the team was served an unexpected breakfast and then taken on a tour of the community. They were shown the village’s current water source, a polluted river running under a bridge. They witnessed water trucks from the local municipality pump the dirty river water into the trucks so that it could be delivered to surrounding neighborhoods for drinking water. After the…

Our Philanthropy

Embarking on our Fifth Trip

April 24, 2017 Read More

For the fifth year in a row, Triumph has sent 12 of our team members to the country of El Salvador with Living Water International to help bring clean water to a remote Salvadorian village. Why might a bank travel to another country to drill a water well? Our work with Living Water International supports two of our corporate philanthropic priorities: establishing viable communities and serving the less fortunate. Water is a significant building block for the development and transformation of people in developing countries. According to some estimates, nearly one in ten people worldwide live without access to clean water. Collecting water keeps kids out of school and takes parents away from earning money for their families. Even the water collected, if not clean, will carry diseases that make people sick. Clean water means more education, income and health for those with access to it. On Sunday, April 23, Triumph’s team of 12 met at the airport in Houston to make the journey to El Salvador. With seven Triumph branch and office locations in…

Thought Leadership

The Same, Only Different

April 5, 2017 Read More

FELLOW STAKEHOLDERS, The Same, Only Different. Every for-profit company has the same goal of creating value for their shareholders, employees, and customers. They may use different words to express it, but that is the general thesis for everyone. Triumph’s goal is no different. That leads to the logical question — if our goal is the same, how is Triumph different? Or is Triumph different at all? The numbers suggest we are different — our net interest margin, loan yield, and non-interest expense ratios exceed 90% of our peer banks. Our geographic coverage is wider than almost any bank of similar size. Triumph is not singularly unique, but we are definitely different from the crowd. And who is the “crowd” (our peer group, so to speak)? We think it is twofold: community banks and (non-bank) commercial finance companies. “Community banks” generally refers to banks with less than $10 billion in assets. This includes the clear majority of the banks in the U.S. It excludes money center and regional banks like Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase,…