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A Trip Overview from Building Well #8

In mid-march, twelve members of the Triumph team returned from the eighth annual trip to El Salvador through Living Water International. Below, each member of the team has shared a…


The Power of And

FELLOW STAKEHOLDERS, Our theme this year is The Power of &. Triumph is a bank… but we are far more than just a bank. That’s the “&” in our story.…


Day 5: Serving Others Well

Thursday was the team’s final day to visit the well site. The Living Water staff team applied the finishing touches in assembling the pump and flushing out the bleach that…


Thought Leadership

Supporting Our City

July 8, 2016 Read More

Dallas-based team- As you all know, there was a horrible tragedy in downtown Dallas last night.  A peaceful protest became violent due to the actions of a few misguided individuals.   We should also bear in mind that the catalyst for the rally last night was to recognize other tragedies that have occurred in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and many other cities over the past few years. There is a lot we don’t know about these events, but what we do know is that there are families in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and many other cities that are mourning the loss of a mom, dad, brother, sister or child.   The mayor of Dallas has called for companies to pray for Dallas at noon today.  If you are so inclined, I invite you to pray individually or gather with your colleagues to pray for the grieving families and for unity in our community.  Use any conference room, office or other space that is available throughout the day. For me personally, I am praying that the truth of John 16:33…

Thought Leadership

Different Perspective, Different Results.

April 11, 2016 Read More

Below is the letter to shareholders from Aaron P. Graft, Chief Executive Officer of Triumph Bancorp, Inc. View the full 2015 Triumph Annual Report. March 16, 2016 Fellow Stakeholders: Different Perspective, Different Results. Anyone who follows the banking industry can quickly spot that Triumph is different from the crowd. Our goal is not to be different; our goal is " src="" alt="Annual Report Cover" width="300" height="390" />to be valuable. Placing value above industry conformity is a perspective that is easy to talk about, but more difficult to put into practice. Most banks market themselves with the one-two punch of providing “superior customer service” and “a full suite of banking services.” Of course, doing both of those things well is important to any bank, which is why every bank talks about it. But if everyone is doing it (albeit some better than others), how much value differential can it create? The advancement of financial technology, increasingly burdensome regulation, historically low interest rates, shifting consumer patterns and commoditized banking services all but assure mediocre performance for banks…

Thought Leadership

One, Two, Three, Four, FIVE Years of Triumph

November 5, 2015 Read More

It is crazy how quickly time flies! Five years ago, the Triumph investor group acquired Equity Bank and officially changed our name to Triumph Savings Bank. Over these past five years, the Triumph organization has gone through countless changes, acquisitions, and additions, making us almost unrecognizable compared to what we were in November 2010. On our fifth anniversary, we wanted to pause and look back to reflect on the journey from the perspective of some of Triumph’s early team members. Aaron P. Graft Aaron is the founder of Triumph and today serves as CEO of Triumph Bancorp, Inc. The story of Triumph is more than five years old. It actually starts in 2006. The journey from those humble beginnings to where we are today is filled with a bunch of stories, a lot of laughs, a few good decisions, more blessings than we deserve, and a lot of great people. It’s been a great ride and I am excited to see where we go from here! Travis Cole Travis was one of the early team…

Thought Leadership

Triumph Listed in Top Ten of Fastest Growing Middle Market Companies in DFW

October 28, 2015 Read More

Triumph Bancorp was recently included in the top ten of the Dallas Business Journal’s Middle Market 50, which recognized the fastest growing middle market companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is the first time a list of public and private companies with annual revenue between $25 million and $750 million, based on a weighted growth index from 2012 to 2014, has been published by the Dallas Business Journal. “We are proud to be recognized for our growth, but our primary focus is to be valuable,” said Aaron P. Graft, CEO. “If we continue to provide value to our customers, team members and shareholders, then growth will take care of itself.” Earlier this year, Triumph was named one of the 2015 Best Companies to Work for in Texas. “Our culture and our people are highly valued and critical to our success,” said Tom Shaw, Human Resources. “It is affirming to be recognized for our culture and for the growth of our business.” The list of all of the companies recognized in the Middle Market 50…

Thought Leadership

Triumph Lands a Spot on the Best Companies to Work for in Texas List

April 15, 2015 Read More

On March 31, three members of Triumph’s team travelled to Austin for the celebration of the 2015 Best Companies to Work for in Texas. The Best Companies program is a project of Texas Monthly, the Texas Association of Business (TAB), Texas SHRM and the Best Companies Group. It is designed to identify, recognize and honor the best places of employment in Texas, which benefit the state’s economy, workforce and businesses. “In order to be considered for award, companies must undergo a comprehensive employee survey and an external evaluation of employee engagement, workplace policies, overall work environment, philosophies, practices, and demographics,” said Tom Shaw, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Triumph. “This was our first year participating in the evaluation program. The event was quite exciting because we had no idea where in the rankings we would place.” “As they called each company, it was interesting to hear the special benefits highlighted for each of the other companies,” said Jan Bellah, Senior Vice President of Operations for Triumph Business Capital. “It was an honor to…

Thought Leadership

Straight Forward

April 10, 2015 Read More

Below is the letter to shareholders from Aaron P. Graft, Chief Executive Officer of Triumph Bancorp, Inc. View the full 2014 Triumph Annual Report. March 16, 2015 Fellow Stakeholders, LIKE NO OTHER. Greetings and welcome to your inaugural Triumph Bancorp (TBK) annual report. I prefer direct and simple communication, so I hope you find this letter readable and to the point. A tag line should not require further explanation or it ceases to accomplish what it was designed to do. Instead of explaining our annual report concept, let’s just jump into the report and you can decide for yourself if we are truly “Like No Other” (and furthermore whether being different is valuable!). Triumph’s key operating metrics and 2014 highlights include: Net income available to common stockholders of $16.9 million or $1.52 per diluted share Return on assets of 1.46%, compared with 0.92% for the aggregate of all US banks $1B to $5B(1) Net interest margin of 6.67%, ranking us among the highest of any U.S. bank Loan growth of $124.8 million (14.2%) Deposit growth…

Thought Leadership

Seven Resolutions for 2015

January 9, 2015 Read More

Happy 2015! I hope each of you enjoyed the holidays and that you are still keeping your New Year’s resolutions. Due to the busyness at the end of last year and our pending initial public offering, I was not able to update my blog or send out regular team member communications. I resolve to be a better communicator in 2015! As you know, Triumph achieved a major milestone when we became a public company in November. With the initial celebration (and the holidays) behind us, I began thinking about the future of Triumph as a public company. For the New Year, I drafted a few personal resolutions related to Triumph. After I completed the list, I realized that it might be worthwhile to share it with the entire team. As we move forward in a new year and as a public company, here are seven resolutions. I have committed myself to these and I invite you to do the same. Develop People. This has been a principal conviction for Triumph since the start. Being named…

Thought Leadership

The Hazards of Recognition

April 7, 2014 Read More

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is to lay out my personal feelings about recognition. More than any other post I have written for this blog, this one reflects my personal perspective and not the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of any corporation, business or company with which I am associated. It is solely my opinion. Growing up, I loved sports. I loved the challenge and the thrill of winning. While I was no standout athlete, I did experience enough personal success to learn at a young age that it feels great to be singled out for recognition. I remember a high school baseball tournament when I was hitting the ball really well, and at the end of the tournament, I was named to the “All-Tournament Team.” One of my teammates congratulated me for that award and I responded with some generic coach-speak of being “glad to help out my team.” What I was really thinking was: “Yeah, I played really well and deserved to be noticed.” Fast forward 18 years when I learn that…

Thought Leadership

A Triumphant Year

February 26, 2014 Read More

The year 2013 was a transformative year for Triumph. In October, we acquired National Bancshares, Inc. (“NBI”), the parent company of THE National Bank (“TNB”). This acquisition has increased the size of our balance sheet to approximately $1.3 billion. This scale has improved Triumph’s competitive advantage remarkably. We now view Triumph as having three disciplines within the organization: specialty finance, community banking and institutional money management. Our specialty finance platform includes our equipment finance, factoring and asset-based lending businesses. These businesses had a great year. Advance Business Capital, LLC (“ABC”) had a record year, and its net funds employed[1] have grown 85% since we acquired the business in January 2012. Triumph Commercial Finance’s (“TCF”) outstanding loan volume grew from approximately $10 million on January 1, 2013 to over $85 million as of December 31, 2013. Both ABC and TCF continue to grow, producing yields well in excess of traditional bank returns. TNB is our community banking subsidiary with 19 branch locations in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. TNB ended the year with $880 million in assets,…

Thought Leadership

Gratitude: My Problem with It

November 21, 2013 Read More

I am grateful for liberty and the freedom to choose how I live my life. I am grateful I can worship God. I am grateful to be a citizen of the United States. I am grateful to be married 33 years and have four great sons ranging in age from 31 to 23. I am grateful two of my sons are married and another one is engaged – all to awesome young women. I am grateful for 3 grandchildren and the next one due in December. I could go on and on… But I have a problem with gratitude – my problem is I have shown myself over and over again how easy it is for me to take all the above things (along with literally hundreds of other blessings in my life) for granted. I have a problem with gratitude. I cannot seem to hang on to it – gratitude and thankfulness are quick to leave my conscious thinking and overall attitude. Perhaps I’m the only one with this problem… but likely not. Maybe…