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A Trip Overview from Building Well #8

In mid-march, twelve members of the Triumph team returned from the eighth annual trip to El Salvador through Living Water International. Below, each member of the team has shared a…


The Power of And

FELLOW STAKEHOLDERS, Our theme this year is The Power of &. Triumph is a bank… but we are far more than just a bank. That’s the “&” in our story.…


Day 5: Serving Others Well

Thursday was the team’s final day to visit the well site. The Living Water staff team applied the finishing touches in assembling the pump and flushing out the bleach that…


Our Philanthropy

Day 2: Arriving at the Worksite

March 26, 2019 Read More

Yesterday marked the first official work day for the TBK Bank team in El Salvador. The team began their day with a devotion and team time with the Chick-fil-A group before departing to their two worksites. Members of the TBK Bank team even led worship with guitar and bongo drums. The team was eager to make it to the worksite and begin progress to bring a clean water source to a school, about an hour drive from the team house. As the TBK Bank team arrived at the school, they were welcomed by 90 enthusiastic children! Megan from the Dallas office appreciated this warm welcome from the students saying, “They went above and beyond. I was super impressed, especially with the young kids and their prayers and performance.” This school has been requesting a well for five years, but Living Water has been hesitant to attempt to drill a water well at their location due to high elevation. Recently, a Salvadorian village with similar elevation, had success with a well which gave Living Water the…

Our Philanthropy

Team 7 Arrives in El Salvador

March 25, 2019 Read More

For the 7th consecutive year, TBK Bank has sent a group of 12 team members to El Salvador with Living Water International to bring clean water to a community in need. The team arrived safely in El Salvador on Sunday afternoon! Members of this years’ team traveled from the Quad Cities, Denver, Dallas and El Paso, coming together  for the first time at the airport in Houston en route to El Salvador. Wearing their Living Water t-shirts, one of the team members was stopped by a gentleman in the Houston airport. The man had once lived in a community where a Living Water team had served many years ago. He shared with the team how deeply his village had been impacted by the well after gaining access to clean water. He talked to the team and explained how truly life-giving the trip is to the people they were going to serve. Upon arrival in El Salvador, the team stopped for a quick lunch before driving the 90 miles to their team house. The TBK Bank…

Our Philanthropy

A Trip Overview from Building Well #6

May 24, 2018 Read More

The TBK Bank team returned from El Salvador at the end of April – however, they each left a piece of their hearts in El Salvador. While serving the community of San Josecito, the team learned many lessons – some the same and some very personal. Regardless of their upbringing, where they live, or their position in our company, one thing was constant. Their experience with Living Water in El Salvador has changed their lives for the better. We asked the team members to reflect on their time in El Salvador. Below are their responses. Jacqueline | TBK Bank - Dallas, TX When our eager group arrived in the village the first day, we were greeted by the community with big smiles, balloons, handmade posters, signs, and hugs. The generosity, excitement, and kindness of the community was overwhelming. No words can do justice to explain how I felt at our first interaction. Upon our arrival, we were given a tour of their homes and community. They took us to the contaminated water well where…

Our Philanthropy

Day 5: Fútbol and Friendships

April 27, 2018 Read More

The week is coming to an end for the TBK Bank team in El Salvador. They made great progress and enjoyed making new friends in the village of Santiago Nanualco. On Thursday, the drilling team put everything in place to make the well fully functioning. They poured the concrete foundation and finished placing the PVC pipes. Team leaders Gerardo and Chris had the honor of placing the plaque into the wet concrete, commemorating TBK Bank and Living Water International role in bring clean water to this community. Chris was honored by being the first person to pump water from the well! Kevin carries rocks to the well which are used to build the foundation Gerardo and Chris pose with the plaque, which reads “This well is donated by TBK Bank and Living Water International in the name of Jesus.” Trip leaders place the plaque into the wet concrete The hygiene team spent Thursday teaching the community how to properly maintain the well and its pump. They also led an arts and craft activity where the…

Our Philanthropy

Day 4: Finding Fresh Water and A Celebration of Life

April 26, 2018 Read More

After hitting water Tuesday, our TBK Bank team showed up Wednesday morning ready to drill a bit further to ensure that they had reached a plentiful water supply. The team was unable to drill into the next level of rock, but it was determined this well location was still viable. The team spent yesterday putting PVC piping in place within the hole for the well. When debris is cleared from the piping, a geyser of water shoots up from the ground! Everyone in the immediate vicinity got soaked, and kids and members of the community came out to play in the clear, clean water! In many ways, this big gush of water was a relief for the staff and the team members that have spent so much time and energy on the well. It was a celebration for all! Jacqueline cleans mud from the pipes as it come up out of the ground The drilling team getting soaked as the geyser begins The TBK Team joins under the geyser to celebrate clean water Marvin (Living…

Our Philanthropy

Day 3: The Team Hits Water

April 25, 2018 Read More

Tuesday proved to be a successful day for both the drilling and hygiene teams. After drilling another 20 feet during the day, the team hit water! The team plans to continue drilling a few more feet to make sure they are in an area with plentiful water supply. Once the team gets the piping in place for the well, the Living Water staff has assured everyone that the air they use to clear the pipes will cause a big geyser… which everyone is very excited about! Sheri manning the drill with a splash of mud and a smile The hygiene team spent the day doing crafts and teaching more about the spread of germs and the importance of keeping both food and water covered. Having access to clean water is a great thing, but it’s also important to teach community members how to properly use water in a way that is safe and clean. The hygiene team finished the day with balloons, sword fights, and all kinds of group fun. The mothers in the village even…

Our Philanthropy

Day 2: First Day of Work with a Fish and a Frog

April 24, 2018 Read More

The TBK Bank team in El Salvador got off to a great start during their first day in Santiago Nonualco! They began with a tour of the community on which the team explored the area they will be serving for the week. They learned the well they are digging is expected to serve over 200 people! Following the tour, the team went right to work digging the well and teaching hygiene lessons. Early in the day, the drill team was forced to stop drilling because the soil was too soft. They worked with Living Water staff to make a mixture of bentonite and water to help solidify the soil around the well which allowed them to continue. By the end of the day, team made it to a depth of 40 feet. TBK Bank’s past wells range anywhere from 100 to 200 feet deep, so this is great progress. While the team did not hit water on Monday, they were able to complete their work feeling optimistic about the progress they made. Monday’s drilling team…

Our Philanthropy

Day 1: Safe Travels to El Salvador

April 23, 2018 Read More

This year marks the 6th consecutive year that Triumph has sent a group of team members to El Salvador to drill a water well with Living Water International. Our annual trip to El Salvador is near and dear to the heart of this organization for many reasons. Living Water fulfills two of our philanthropic priorities: Establishing Viable Communities and Serving the Less Fortunate. Living Water’s approach combines a source of clean drinking water with education and sanitation to vastly improve the lives of people and communities around the globe. When children do not have access to clean drinking water, waterborne parasites often keep them out of school and steal their focus in the classroom, overall limiting their potential for success. Women who travel far distances each day over steep and rocky terrain are made vulnerable to sexual assault. All members of a community experience the threat of illness and death due to drinking and cooking with contaminated water. When a community is given access to clean drinking water, they are given a fresh start. Their…

Our Philanthropy

A Trip Overview from Building Well #5

May 19, 2017 Read More Three weeks have passed since Triumph's team of 12 returned from building their well with Living Water International in El Salvador, but great memories and strong friendships remain. The team was faced with disappointment when the first well that they drilled could not provide enough water pressure to pump water. When they realized that they needed to move the well site, the team rallied together. They worked overtime in the heat to ensure that the 450 residents of Cerco de Piedra would have a completed clean water before the end of the week. When we asked the team to reflect on their time in El Salvador, a few common themes emerged: thankfulness, a change in perspective and a life changing experience. Christine | Triumph Business Capital “Once again, it is difficult to adequately put into words an experience like this. The trip was beyond rewarding in every way. Finding water for Canton Cerco de Piedra and knowing that well will sustain them for a lifetime is an unbelievable feeling! I loved every minute of being in the village with the…

Our Philanthropy

The Home Stretch: Day 5 in El Salvador

April 28, 2017 Read More

Thursday was an enjoyable day for the team in El Salvador. It started with a Living Water devotional focused on generosity and was followed by a hardy breakfast. After breakfast, the team was fueled up and ready to get to work! Minimal work remained Thursday after the team achieved significant productivity Wednesday. Thursday’s priority was to conduct a water capacity test, a new quality standard implemented by Living Water within the last year. To perform this test, the team dropped an electric pump, connected to PVC pipe, into the well. The pump is turned on for four hours and measures the water volume to insure that there is enough water in the well to sustain the demand of the village. Our Triumph team is happy to report that the water well passed the test and will adequately meet the demands of Canton Cerco de Piedra! After the water capacity test, women in the village made the team potato soup and fresh hen legs, gifted from the gracious hosts in the village. Following lunch, the hygiene team began…