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A Trip Overview from Building Well #8

In mid-march, twelve members of the Triumph team returned from the eighth annual trip to El Salvador through Living Water International. Below, each member of the team has shared a…


The Power of And

FELLOW STAKEHOLDERS, Our theme this year is The Power of &. Triumph is a bank… but we are far more than just a bank. That’s the “&” in our story.…


Day 5: Serving Others Well

Thursday was the team’s final day to visit the well site. The Living Water staff team applied the finishing touches in assembling the pump and flushing out the bleach that…


Our Philanthropy

Reflect and be Thankful

December 24, 2012 Read More

At Triumph, the Christmas spirit is seen in more than just our festive decorations and joyful parties—it is seen most clearly in the hearts of our generous people. In support of Behind Every Door, the Triumph team came together to collect an overwhelming amount of coats, clothing and canned goods for the Village Oaks apartment community’s Clothing Closet and Food Pantry. Our team also volunteered to purchase Christmas gifts from the wish lists of 45 children from this community in South Dallas. Triumph also made donations to the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, 2ndSaturday, International Justice Mission and ALARM. Additionally, Triumph made the commitment to partner with Living Water International to send 12 employees to El Salvador in February 2013 to drill a water well. With all of our blessings and opportunities to give to others, Triumph was given the gift of success in 2012 – we are grateful. From all of us at Triumph, we wish you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas! Some of the Christmas gifts Triumph purchased for the children of Behind Every…

Thought Leadership

What’s The Big Deal with Thanksgiving?

November 19, 2012 Read More

I suppose everybody deals with the holiday season in their own ways. My mom, for example, declared Thanksgiving was her Holiday. We were free to spend all of the other holidays wherever we wanted (not really, that was the premise), but we had all better show up at her house for Thanksgiving. There were multiple reasons: (1) My mom and dad were engaged on Thanksgiving, (2) She was the best cook (another premise) and the focus of Thanksgiving was, after all, on the meal, and (3) We had holiday-appropriate family connections—notably, my Uncle David who worked for Macy’s and was a parade marshal. In short, being there for Thanksgiving was a blessing and abstaining would be a self-inflicted curse. “When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life, and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself.” – Tecumseh Shawnee Chief So, why is there a blessing that comes with giving thanks, and…

Thought Leadership

The Power to Choose…

October 16, 2012 Read More

We have our National, State and local elections coming up in a few weeks. It is not unusual to hear around election time how important it is that we exercise our right to vote. We see others living around the world that don’t have this right – some of these peoples are fighting to gain their ability to participate in their governments. It seems to me that since, as Americans, we have had the right to vote for so many years, many in our country take this privilege for granted and others don’t even bother to participate. Interestingly though, today’s “right” to vote resulted from choices made by those that preceded us to risk and invest in order to gain this ability for citizens to participate. On a much more individual and personal level, I wonder how many of us ignore the daily power we have to make choices in how we risk and invest in our own lives day in and day out. The effects of our choices accumulate over time and span the…

Thought Leadership

Meritocracy. It’s Brutal.

October 10, 2012 Read More

Some thoughts on succeeding in business. I was listening to a radio broadcast of the Cowboys/Seahawks football game a couple of weeks ago. One of the announcers mentioned that there were only two players left on the Seahawks who had been members of the Super Bowl team of 2006. A 53-man roster, and seven seasons later, only two players remained. Why such high turnover? Now football is a brutal sport. The average NFL career is 3.2 years. Part of that is the physical harshness of the game, but a major part is what I call the “brutal meritocracy” of professional sports. Lose a step, lose your job. Go from being better at something that 99.5% of the entire population to 99.4% and lose 100% of your paycheck. That’s meritocracy in action. Where else do we see this brutal meritocracy? Clearly in nature – only the strong survive. A wounded animal will likely be killed by a predator or die of starvation. What about the free market? Eastman Kodak was a Dow Jones company just 8…

Thought Leadership

Where Is Your Tool Belt?

September 12, 2012 Read More

Team member Keith Shepelwich remembers his first day on the job when he didn’t know the difference in a torque wrench and a hacksaw. After working in the telecommunications industry for six years, I was eager to begin a new career in commercial real estate. Aaron Graft, the founder of Triumph Land & Capital Management, gave me that opportunity by hiring me as the company’s first employee. On my first day, September, 10, 2007, I reported to the Las Lomas Apartments. I looked forward to spending my time analyzing financial statements and determining whether oil rubbed bronze or nickel plated doorknobs would yield higher rents. Instead, I was greeted with a gruff, “Where is your tool belt?” from Bill the lead maintenance consultant for the property. I was certain that Bill must have had me confused with another Keith Shepelwich starting that day. After all, that Keith was somewhat capable of replacing a wax ring on a toilet or at least owned the aforementioned tool belt. I quickly realized that I would be in the…

Thought Leadership

Who is Triumph and Why Should I Care?

September 10, 2012 Read More

This is officially my first attempt at blogging. I enjoy reading others’ blogs. I often wonder why their lives are so much more interesting than mine and how they get their iPhone to take such good pictures. At the risk of not having many interesting things to say or any photography skills, I am forging ahead. But in order to keep reading, you have to answer the question: “Why do I care?” Frankly, you may not. You may think that I suffer from the delusion that what Triumph is doing actually matters to people. You might remind me that we are a small financial company swimming in a sea of giant competitors with balance sheets larger than developing countries. I agree that we are currently a small company, but I disagree about our impact. As of today, Triumph has over 100 team members. If you’re one of those team members or one of their families, Triumph does affect your day-to-day life. If you’re one of our investors, you have a vested interest in what we…