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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does Triumph Commercial Finance finance?

Triumph Commercial Finance focuses on financing transportation, construction and refuse equipment.

What are Triumph Commercial Finance's credit requirements for obtaining financing?

At Triumph Commercial Finance we treat every customer different. While some institutions may turn you away because of a blemished past, we take an organic look at your business history, credit score and secured assets. Where others see risk, we see opportunity.

How does asset-based lending differ from traditional bank financing?

Asset-based lending analyzes the quality and performance of the underlying collateral and then considers the borrower’s financial condition, ownership/management, and overall business circumstances. Traditional bank financing is based on anticipated cash flow and often requires more stringent financial requirements and loan covenants from the borrower.

How can asset-based loans be used?

Asset-based lending solutions are used by companies that are experiencing rapid growth, high leverage, turnaround or bankruptcy, operating losses (pre-profit), minimal or deficit net worth, tax problems or a blemished credit history. Asset-based loans can be earmarked for working capital, to fund a merger and acquisition, to address debt consolidation and many other financial situations.

What is the benefit of financing accounts receivable?

Accounts receivable financing provides growth capital as borrowers can borrow immediately on sales.